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Your Route to ISO 17065 Accreditation/Certification

S & J Auditing and Consulting is committed to leading your organisation to successful ISO 17065 Accreditation/Certification, ensuring your product certification body operates at the highest international standards.

ISO 17065: Elevating Product Certification

ISO 17065 accreditation is an essential standard for product certification bodies, aiming to improve public and industry trust in product certificates. It ensures that certification methods are independent, objective, and reliable. Implementing this standard also enhances operational efficiency and eliminates conflicts of interest, strengthening the credibility of product certifications.

Benefits of ISO 17065 Accreditation/Certification

Achieving ISO 17065 certification offers significant advantages:

Enhanced Trust

Increases public and industry confidence in product certifications.

Operational Efficiency

Streamlines processes, saving time and reducing costs.

International Recognition

Facilitates national and international recognition and acceptance of certified products, processes, and services.

Accreditation Advantages

Serves as a criteria document for accreditation, peer assessment, or designation by various authorities.

Increased Confidence

Generates confidence in the certified products, processes, or services.

Understanding ISO 17065 Requirements

ISO 17065 specifies requirements that certification bodies must observe to ensure competent, consistent, and impartial operation of certification schemes. This standard is instrumental in facilitating international trade by promoting the acceptance and recognition of certified products, processes, and services.

ISO 17065: A Foundation for Global Trade

ISO 17065 accreditation not only benefits the accredited organisation but also its customers, providing a solid foundation for international commerce. It defines a baseline system that satisfies requirements for product certification bodies and covers ISO 17065 principles.

Achieving Excellence with ISO 17065 Certification

ISO 17065 certification is more than a compliance measure; it signifies an organisation’s commitment to excellence in product certification. By adhering to this standard, organisations can substantially improve their productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency.

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Begin Your ISO 17065 Certification Journey

Embark on your journey towards ISO 17065 certification with S & J Auditing and Consulting. Contact us to learn how we can assist your organisation in achieving this important certification, enhancing the credibility and efficiency of your product certification processes.