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S & J Auditing and Consulting guarantees expert guidance in achieving ISO 17024 Certification, providing your organisation with a robust framework for personnel certification.

ISO 17024: Ensuring Excellence in Personnel Certification

ISO 17024 is the international standard for personnel certification bodies, offering a reliable and objective method for issuing certifications to individuals who have completed specific training or met other necessary requirements. This standard is instrumental for training organisations or any entities issuing personnel certifications, enhancing the trust and perceived value of their certifications.

Advantages of Implementing ISO 17024

Adopting ISO 17024 offers significant benefits:

Enhanced Trust and Credibility

Elevates the trustworthiness and value of the certificates issued.

Global Benchmarking

Adheres to a globally accepted benchmark for certifying individuals, ensuring international recognition.

Assured Competence

Provides assurance that certified individuals meet the rigorous requirements of the certification scheme.

Continuous Improvement

Ensures ongoing assessment and re-assessment of certified individuals' competence, maintaining high standards.

Understanding ISO 17024 Accreditation

ISO 17024 accreditation provides a global framework for organisations operating certification of persons. It focuses on the process of assessment and periodic reassessments to maintain confidence in the certification schemes. The standard, last reviewed and confirmed in 2018, remains the current benchmark for personnel certification bodies.

Upcoming ISO/IEC WD 17024

The upcoming ISO/IEC WD 17024, currently under development, will replace the existing standard. S & J Auditing and Consulting is well-prepared to assist organisations in transitioning to the new standard, ensuring they remain at the forefront of personnel certification practices.

ISO 17024 Certification: A Step Towards Global Recognition

Achieving ISO 17024 certification is a crucial step for any organisation involved in personnel certification. It not only endorses your certification process but also aligns your practices with international standards, increasing your global presence and recognition.

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