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S & J Auditing and Consulting specialises in guiding organisations through the AS9100 certification process, ensuring compliance with the highest standards in the aviation, space, and defence industries.

AS9100: The Aerospace Quality Management Standard

AS9100 Rev. D, an international quality system standard for the aerospace industry (aviation, space and defence), includes the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and additional critical aerospace requirements. Implementation of AS9100 can significantly benefit organisations seeking to secure aerospace contracts, improve internal processes, and expand services within the growing aerospace sector.

Comprehensive Advantages of Implementing AS9100

Implementing AS9100 offers extensive benefits to organisations in the aerospace industry:

Access to Aerospace Contracts

Essential for obtaining contracts in aircraft or spacecraft manufacturing, and a prerequisite for many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Enhanced Quality Controls

Provides tighter controls than ISO 9001, focusing on product safety, counterfeit part control, and Foreign Object Debris (FOD) management.

Global Recognition

Increases your organisation's credibility and reputation internationally and domestically.

Compliance with Industry Best Practices

Ensures alignment with aerospace industry best practices, improving internal processes.

Customer Satisfaction and Confidence

Assures clients of the quality and safety of products, enhancing trust and customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Access

Facilitates entry supplier information systems, boosting visibility in the aerospace supply chain.

Product Improvement

Focuses on continuous improvement of products and services, enhancing overall quality and reliability.

Process Effectiveness

Promotes effective and efficient business processes, leading to operational excellence.

Understanding AS9100

AS9100 is based on ISO 9001’s Quality Management System (QMS) requirements, specifically tailored for the aviation, space, and defence industries. It incorporates additional requirements, including project management, risk management, and control of counterfeit parts, focusing on product safety and ethical behaviour.

AS9100 vs. ISO 9001

While AS9100 follows the structure of ISO 9001, it includes additional aerospace-specific requirements. These additions cover areas such as project and risk management, product safety, and management of counterfeit parts, differentiating it significantly from ISO 9001.

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